Moss and Algae are the most common forms of unwanted growth found
on our homes due to the region we live in.  Unfortunately, both are
corrosive and overtime, can permanently damage the surfaces to which
they grow.  

Moss and algae require certain elements and conditions to grow, so
before taking any action, homeowners need to know why these growths
are occurring in order to fully resolve the situation.  Damp, dark areas
have a tendency to be the perfect breeding ground for moss and algae.
Often, we have no control over this because of the positioning of the
house and the brush surrounding it.  We recommend having the moss
and/or algae removed from your home as they both pose a potential
slip hazard.

So what's the solution?

Have us treat and remove the moss and get your home on a yearly
maintenance plan.  Often, we can continue to treat your home and
other surfaces to keep the growths from reappearing after removal.
Each year, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports
there are over 500,000 people treated in emergency rooms, doctors'
offices and clinics due to not following proper safety precautions when
using a ladder.  Most of the injuries are cuts, bruises and fractured bones.  
However, according to the CPSC, more than 300 people a year die from
injuries related to ladder use.